Big changes coming to

In just a couple months, my website undergoes its most radical changes to date.  Fantastic things in store.  Wonderful new ways to explore and reach out to Juliette.

The good news: All of this will continue to be free.  This has never been a pay-site, and never will.

The only downside is: things will be different.  Just sitting on your hands, you'll soon lose access to most photos, video and other content.  Including this journal -- Oh no!

Alas, this does not need to be the case.  Check in here regularly for the next couple months, and I'll walk you through things.  You'll have a complete preview, and valuable advice on making the transition.

And if there's anything I know about, its successful transitions!

Why Big Changes?

From its first appearance in September 4, 2006, this website had but one purpose: to cajole, seduce and otherwise lure you to my doorstep.  This will not change.  Juliette cannot be automated, out-sourced, or put on the internet.  My service is about human companionship, contact, touch, and pleasure.  This cyber-presence is merely a means to a delicious end. (Mine.)

Not so long ago, Juliette's "website" would've been a little 10-line text ad lurking in the back of a free newspaper, or adult magazine.  A few discrete words about who, what, and where I am, along with a phone number. Period.  In the 21st century, a working girl's calling-card has morphed into a multimedia extravaganza. Now, I broadcast to the entire world, providing you enormous samples of my appearance, voice, movement, writings and other info.  Indeed, so rich is the bounty here that, for too many, this website becomes a destination in itself.

And really, neither of us benefits from that.

So What's Happening? is about to become not one, but three distinct websites.  Accessible via regular newsletters from Juliette, reminding you its time for another oil-change.

An image disallowed by Eros Guide - only on
Each site is designed for different gentlemen.  Fast-trackers swooning over my Eros ad, just wanting a quick look-me-over before calling, they'll enjoy an elegant, streamlined resource page.  I call this The Basic Site.   My legacy, dedicated viewers, still working up the nerve for a visit, and wanting to stay current on my developments and news, will jump through a couple hoops to access The Fan Site.  Men who demonstrated the resolve to follow-through on their desires, that enjoyed my companionship in the past, are rewarded with exclusive content to rekindle old memories ... and visit me again, to create some new ones.  The Client Site will be their way to re-connect with All Things Juliette.

Your Preparations

Exciting details on each Juliette site are soon forthcoming.  Meanwhile, get yourself ready.  If you don't have a private e-mail address that only you can access, get one.  Don't use your current email provider, find another one, less likely to be snooped into.  All my clients out there, know the phone number or e-mail address used to contact me -- you'll need it to prove membership in my little country club.  And yes, you'll need a confidential e-mail address too, if  you wish to access this new Client site.

I've spent years pondering how to better serve all my users, and ensure that we stay in touch regularly.  You'll like that part.  I'm good at touching. In just the right way ...

I welcome your questions or remarks. Please use the public comments below, or contact me personally, via

Come back soon, for more details!


My Final Post for 2013

Welcome one and all.  Being December, its that time to reflect upon the waning year, and contemplate that to come.

2013 has been quite a year for me personally and professionally. I'm also proud its seen blossom into the website I've always dreamed it might be, visually rich, and more technically advanced, especially for our tablet and smartphone users.

I'm proud of what I do, and particularly my own take on the profession. There are few places in our life for intimacy, and true expression of one's sexuality. The times spent with me, for many of my clients, represent the most fulfilling and exciting hours they experience all year long.  Against the tide of a world that still judges one for being who they are -- or with the partner of their choice -- men find their way to my door. And are much the better for the journey.

If this has been a great year overall but you still sense a hunger, a lack in your life, visit me.  Listen to that voice inside that keeps you happy and balanced.  It doesn't always talk you to the golf course, the gym, or the usual safe and sanctified places for keeping mind and body happy. A man has other important needs, sometimes far from the beaten path.

As you perform your own forward and backward looking meditations, I leave you with this wonderful thought. And the sincere wish for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.



P.S.  In case you missed the "Christmas Treat" link at my home page, here's my little present for my fans.  Happy Holidays, one and all.

November is My Time!

As my dedicated fans and clients all know, this is my birthday month.  Yep, I'm a scorching hot Scorpio that can warm up the coldest, wettest November day for you.

And I'm also a gal who is thankful for all the pleasure and good times my visitors have given me this past year.  So about a week later, on the Thanksgiving holiday, I'll be re-living some deliciously debauched moments when giving thanks around the table.

Looking ahead, the time goes mighty fast between now and January 1st.  What with my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years ... that's a lot of lust to squeeze into my busy holiday schedule.  So more than ever, please call ahead for an appointment!  Don't turn Juliette into the Grinch ... "Sorry, I'm all booked up" is no way to be, especially this generous time of year!

Because my fellas realize are so many reasons to visit Juliette during the holidays, including ...

-- Fortifing yourself with a shot of hot, erotic "Juliette Time" before the Holiday craziness;

--  Being extra good this year, Santa's letting you be extra, extra, bad;

--  That New Years Resolution "Date with Juliette" finally gets you fence-sitters away from the computer, and into my lecherous arms!

Especially for gentlemen fitting that last description, let me inspire you with one final lovely, haunting image below.  Yes, its something of a challenge, but more than that, consider it an open door. So many discerning, adventurous men have chosen me as their first-ever transgender experience.  Without exception, they've expressed only one regret: that they waited so long to see me!

Because what Mr. Wilde wrote is still true today.  I am so many diverse & wonderful temptations in one gorgeous little trans-package,

This year do the right thing -- give in!

Hugs & kisses to you ...




Touching Me, Touching You

For me, there is nothing better about being human than our skin. Our sensitive, nuanced, and infinitely varied skin with its network of nerve cells.

Why skin?  Because all humans need to be touched. From the time we're infants, unable to see or even hear with acuity, the touch of our mothers reassures us, gives us strong pleasure.  We learn the soothe of her caress, invigoration of a good rub-down after bathing, and the delightful giggling intensity of being tickled.  The pleasure of touch is everywhere --- our feet, bottoms, hands, faces, are all alive to the many variations of contact.

In our modern world, this Eden of sensation gradually diminishes.  We learn that most human touching is conditional, only for certain people, under certain circumstances, on certain parts of our bodies.  We learn some touch is "bad".  And that contact can carry nasty things like germs, dirt, and in crowded places is downright unpleasant.  Touch is a sense which for too many of us atrophies, and is replaced by sight, sound, and taste for our pleasure.

But all the time, buried deep within our being, is the thirst, the craving, to be touched by another human being.   Body contact is more than just nice, or a means of sexual release.  Its a basic human requirement for happiness.

And for some of us, like me, its an incredible turn-on.  In and of itself, touch can be incredibly arousing.

Let me be very specific here. I don't just mean erogenous zones, carefully manipulated to bring me closer to climax.  That's relatively easy (on some days, very easy!).  No, I'm talking more subtle, fundamental touch ... on bodily real estate you may not regularly visit.  With a lighter pressure designed to bring every nerve alive.  To make me shiver, or feel relaxed, or glowing, and somehow though you wouldn't suspect it, absolutely brimming over with desire.

Also, I mean touch involving different body parts. Sucking on my toes, rubbing  your boy parts on my girl parts.  Just your body pressure can be a huge turn-on ... a tight loving hug, even giving your weight onto me as we make love.  On occasion, in the right mood, even administering a good twist, or smack ... in the right place, gauged for pleasure, not just pain.

The possibilities for fun physical human contact are nearly endless.  But to be pleasurable they must be happen within a certain context, a real connectedness. This involves a continual monitoring of my reactions, responses. I'm extremely demonstrative -- verbally, and my body writhes, my face goes through a range of expressions.  As any client can testify, when you've hit pay-dirt with me, you know it!  And without exception, when I'm turned on, you are too!  Humans have this thing called empathy, the ability to feel what others feel.  Not just emotionally. It extends to physical sensations too.

My same sensitivity to touch, comes into play when I give back.  If you're open to it, and just not in a rush to cross that finish line, I can make you feel things you've literally never felt in years.  Or maybe ever.  In places you never suspected would be turn-ons. And in combinations with other touches, other kinds of contact, that can literally drive you wild.

Touch is one major reason I am such a proponent of longer dates. Two or more hours gives us the time necessary to explore, to discover one another.  Its a profound kind of intimacy, which simply cannot be rushed. And which delivers a wallop that has to be experienced to be believed.

You can orgasm by yourself, that's easy.  This advanced, wonderfully tactile play can only happen with another human being. One that's skilled and experienced with the human body and its connection to the innermost parts of your desire.  Many other girls can "get you off".  But the touch that really satisfies, that reaches deep within and leaves you trembling and aching and afterwards feeling spent and deliciously tingling all over ... that's my domain.

When the need for companionship next arises, ask yourself one thing -- has anyone really touched  you lately?  Hmmm?  And how do you feel about that?

- Juliette

The many permutations of human touch are beautifully discussed in this article.


Your Tastiest Morsel

In those moments before my door-bell rings, be it our first date or the twenty-first ... what do you suppose is on my mind?

Well, for certain, I don't ponder exactly "what" we are likely to be doing. Rather, the quality of our connection -- our chemistry as it were -- supercedes thoughts of any specific activities, fetishes, where we go, who's on top, and other activities you men typically obsess over. Because ultimately, its our chemistry that determines the intensity of our pleasure, and that intensity, in turn, is what  brings you back for another round.

If that's so, then why have I now introduced a brand new "Menu of Services"?  The tasty items here seem to spell out specific things to do.  Have I relented on my major principle ... to let each date unfold naturally, allowing us to remain "In the Moment", free of any lists or preconceived expectations?

No, not at all!

This Menu concept has been a pet project of mine since discovering something similar on an Australian escort service's website.  It was not only clever, but created pictures in my imagination about what MIGHT happen with their agency girls, during a date.  Granted, their services are extremely high-end, and more than a tad pretentious -- often involving such theatrics as limousines, Tantric sex and multiple girls.-- but it was jolly good fun.  And I believed the basic principle was a sound one.

Namely, to spur the imagination.

We all think in terms of pictures.  Especially men, and especially when it comes to sex.  My new Menu facilitates that, serving to get your imagination working. And just as importantly, to put it in synch with mine, so I have some idea of the experience you're after.  Its an enjoyable form of communication, on a subject many of you gentlemen enjoy immensely, yet find difficult to put into words.

So it would indeed be a mistake to consider this a laundry list of expectations.  My menu is not like the contents labeling, on a can of food,  Much variance, creativity, and nuance will be fleshed out on your arrival, making your version of any given dish totally unique. So this menu concept is rather the reverse. It informs me about you, and especially how you like to enjoy yourself.

Lastly, like any menu, it shall expand and change over time.  Indeed, my faithful clients appreciate how my appearance, confidence and "offerings" have evolved tremendously over the years.  So keep checking back for new dishes, and start contemplating how Juliette can best be served for you!



View Juliette's new "Menu of Services".

Getting a Little Behind

Let me make one thing perfectly clear:  I love anal pleasure.

And I'm very, very good.  At both giving and receiving.

The difficulty is finding a partner with enough experience, or an open mind.  Anal pleasure is probably the most misunderstood activity of adult relations, not least of all because its the least-practiced.

A.P. is more than just "butt sex", or "topping". In addition to that, it includes rimming, fingering, fisting, and toying. I have a lot of experience with all aspects.  When I first began to explore my transitioning body, anal was one of my wonderful and unexpected discoveries.  And I've brought this wonderful practice to countless gentlemen.

But it gets a bad rap.  Largely from people who don't know what they're doing --- or haven't even tried it!  Though anal pleasure has been around at least as long as genital sex, modern western society has stigmatized it to such a degree that any serious discussion first involves clearing away widespread fallacies.


"Enjoying A.P. means you're gay."
Wrong. A significant number of married and other hetero couples enjoy it, too. I've been married several times, myself (yep) and enjoyed anal relations with all my female wives.  If you hear women saying "he always wants anal, he must be gay", the unspoken subtext here is "I have hang-ups about anal, so feel threatened & frustrated that men want it from me".  Anal is a sexual act. That's all it is.

"Anal sex is always painful."
Also wrong. In fact, the anal-rectal region has thousands more pleasure receptors than your genitals.  If it hurts, you're doing it wrong.  Its not vaginal sex, so different rules apply.  Also, because we've been told anything back there is "bad", you probably need to re-learn the pleasure you experienced as an infant, before the brain "shut down" such impulses during your potty training.

"The best anal sex is rough"
You've got to be kidding, right?  Many straight men harbor this wild fantasy about being "taken" by a trans-woman. They have "sub" feelings, turned-on by putting their partner in control, so being virtually raped can sound exciting. This is a prime example of fantasy having nothing to do with reality.  Anal pleasure requires relaxation, time, lots of lube a sensitive touch, and incredible cooperation between partners.  Forced, fast, and rough has nothing to do with anal pleasure.  For advice on pain, please go elsewhere.

"Its all about the prostate" 
No, anal pleasure is not your family physician's digital rectal exam, and finding your prostate is not your partner's Holy Grail. The prostate is not a magic G-spot for all men. If  yours is enlarged or enflamed, contact can actually be very painful.  For some men, sometimes, yes, it heightens pleasure.  For all, always, no.

"Bigger cocks are better for anal." 
Actually, the reverse is true.  A wide cock stresses both of the anal sphincters (yes, you have two) and a long toy or penis usually ends up whacking that first big bend in your sigmoid colon, causing pain and possibly injury. An experienced bottom (receiver) can eventually learn to maximize the pleasure and minimize the discomfort from a large cock, but few of us seek one for anal.

"Its no big deal to mix anal with genital and oral play".  Another fallacy perpetrated by the porn industry, whose performers seem to move indiscriminately between oral, genital, and anal activity without cleaning themselves first.  Bacteria from the rectum cause infections everywhere else.  Its that simple.  I love anal play. But its going to be the last chapter for us, not the warm-up, unless we first thoroughly wash and gargle.

Now, for the Real Thing

The back door is not like the front door.  Throw away your rulebook for vaginal sex, and keep an open mind.  These guidelines are a good start.

#1 You cannot use too much lube. 
Vaginas make their own lubrication, the anus and rectum do not.  You need plentiful amounts of a lubricating product close at hand.  When in doubt, use more. More, more, more. And then some more.

#2 Once entering the back door, the front door is off limits. 
The bacteria necessary to digest your food cause infections everywhere else.

#3 Anal pleasure demands a sensitive, cooperative connection between partners. 
With this many nerve endings, and much of the "good stuff" rather buried out of sight, close attention helps prevent problems and maximize good vibes. Banging away absent-mindedly, not such a great idea.
Anal is usually about taking it easy allowing the receiver's body to process such new and varied pleasure. No partner has ever complained about my going too slow.

#4 Significant pleasure comes from no penetration at all. 
That's right.  The anal sphincter is extremely sensitive. Lightly caressed, licked or gently pressed upon with lots of lube, it can be so pleasurable as to actually accelerate the receiver's orgasm.

#5 Anal is more about width, and not depth of penetration.
Men are so hung up on the easier-to-quantify measurement of length, when in fact, its often a detriment.  For the receiver, pressure against the inside of the rectal wall is what feels good, not your poking deep into the digestive tract.  So its width that matters.  The tricky part is, that same width can stress the anal sphincters.  One good solution involves special toys, that inflate once inserted. Another involves clever use of the hand, spread inside.

Width also creates most of the pleasure for clitoral and vaginal sex, too ... a fact most men seem eager determined to ignore.

Hopefully this gives some idea how maligned anal sex has been, and what enormous potential it has.  For more on this fun but misunderstood topic, watch these YouTube videos.  Their content is largely accurate and the presenters knowledgeable.  Most other clips on the internet are either misleading or downright wrong, and I won't vouch for them.

Laci's Guide to Butt Sex

Empowering Single Moms, Anal Sex, and Blow Jobs
(excerpted, starting near the 5 minute mark)

Her discussion of oral sex is also interesting so I've included that, too.

Latest Pin-Up Shoot

The latest Juliette photos were posted today. They are special in two ways: shot not inside a studio or my apartment but in a luxury hotel room; and processed to resemble those innocent pin-up illustrations of yesteryear. A real departure from my usual work.

A professional photographer saw my work elsewhere, and approached me about creating some sexy pin-up shots. We scheduled a shoot weeks in advance, meeting at his upscale Michigan Avenue hotel.  After a brief introduction we got right down to work.  Three major changes of makeup and clothing, dozens of shots. Yielding a handful of my most interesting photos to date.

The first series was relatively down-to-earth: a more natural face, true vintage stockings & garter belt, and a lovely satin teddy. Then I changed into a totally black outfit with see-through lace top, garter belt, and some verrrry tall patent leather stilettos. Finally, we went full-bore costume fetish with my cute little French Maid outfit (last featured here years ago, do you remember it?) and posed some very cutesy, 40s-style pin-up scenes at the mirror.

Its great to display my more creative side here.  That's one of the key aspects of my service ... a wicked imagination, and terrific sense of fun. Because that's what its all about, right?

And gentlemen, remember all these outfits and more are available to you, upon request. Though of course the fun begins when the clothes come off ...

Ciao! (Or rather, "Au Revoir")